Dual AB Switch

The A/B Switch selects between A and B and the middle position of the switch is a "mute", works with any kind of signal (cv or audio) and is bidirectional. 

This is an utility module that I made for switching stereo signals, but other uses are possible:

  • Select between 2 stereo sources.

  • Select between 2 stereo destinations.

  • Bypass control for mono signal processing.

  • Routing control for a single signal.

Panel is reversible so it can be mounted with the switches on the right or left.

  • This module does not draw any power.

  • 8 HP


Here the switch will select which stereo signal (A or B) is send to an stereo input.

In this one, the switch will send a stereo signal to a FX processor when in A position, and to a filter in B.

In this example the switch will make a single signal to be processed by the modules in path A or B respectively.

In this example the switch will bypass the process of a single signal when in B position.