Direct Outs for TexMix & 3,5mm to 6,3mm converter

This is a breakout box for the direct outs of the TexMix. This is valid for '4StereoChannels' and '4MonoChannels' version 1.5 & 1.6, for earlier channel expander versions some DIY would be required (scroll down).

Each module has 8 outputs so it could have 2 '4MonoChannels' connected or 1 '4StereoChannels'.

Without connecting the ribbon cable it's a 3,5/6,3 adapter.

the orientation of the 8 pin ribbon cable is marked by the 'DIRECT OUTS' legend on the PCB of the channel expanders (mono or stereo) and a white line in the DOUTS input header.

DOUTS has 3 headers on the back, 2 of them are for 4 Mono Channels, the other one, labeled STEREO, is for 4 Stereo Channels.


8 resistors, 1k, SMD 0603 - CR0603AFX-1001ELF

8 Thonkiconn jacks

6 Jack 6,3mm - 568-NYS234-3

3 Male header, 2x5 pin, SMD 2,54mm pitch - 649-54202-G08-05

6 Male header, 1x3 pin, 2,54mm pitch, TH

6 Female header, 1x3 pin, 2,54mm pitch, TH

To build it we recommend:

  • Solder first the 3 male 2x5 SMD headers.

  • Solder the 6 male 1x3 headers to the same PCB.

  • Place the 3,5mm jacks on that PCB and attach to the front panel with the nuts before soldering.

  • Place the 3 female 1x3 headers on the male ones, do not push them all the way down.

  • Attach the 6,3 mm jacks to the front panel with their nuts.

  • Place the 6 small PCBs on the 6,3mm jacks with the Tesseract logo facing out.

  • Check the female 1x3 headers so they're seated fine on those small PCBs.

  • Solder the small PCBs to the jacks and to the 1x3 female headers.

  • Done!

If your version of the 4 Mono Channels it's earlier than v1.5 cut one of the connector of the 8 pin ribbon cable, solder the cables to pick the post-fader signal as shown in this image. For the ground there are several places on the PCB, for example the center pins of the PAN pots. Left image shows the pinout of the ribbon.