Tex Mix - 4 Stereo Channels

This is a 4 stereo channels expansion. Several of this modules can be added to get more stereo channels.

Every channel features:

  • Stereo input (L works as mono in)
  • SEND A control (switchable PRE/POST, in PRE mode the signal is present regardless to the ON/OFF/CUE switch position and channel volume control)
  • SEND B control (post-fader)
  • PAN control (only affects the master bus)
  • VOLUME control (affects the master, cue and POST sends)
  • ON/OFF/CUE switch: ON- channel is routed to the master bus
  • OFF- channel is muted
  • CUE- channel is routed to the cue bus
  • 15 mA +12V
  • 15 mA -12V