VC Logics - build guide

The module has only a few components but I won't say is an super-easy build, one of the headers and the adjacent leds are pretty close to each other, so be careful with that part.

Full kit comes with all SMD populated and the Arduino already flashed with the firmware.

The voltage range of the CV inputs can be se set  to 10Vpp (instead of 8Vpp) by replacing R18 & R24 resistors for 200k ones. 


Start soldering the 2x5 pin power header (JP2) and the 1x3 pin header (JP1).

Next place the though hole components -do not solder them- this is needed to get the correct position of the LEDs. Put the plastic caps to avoid bleeding between colours.

Solder the leds so they touch the panel.

Once the leds are soldered take out the jacks, place the female headers and carefully solder them. 

Now solder the rest of the though hole components. I recommend to solder the jacks with the panel and nuts placed to avoid mechanical stress.

The USB connector of the Arduino Nano has to be facing up, and the red stripe of the power cable in the left side.