Radioactive 1.2 does not require calibration. Kits are provided with the MCU flashed, do not flash it with 1.1 firmware (unless you like magic smoke)

Analog modelling digital oscillator with phase offset modulation

Radioactive is a small but powerful 14-bit analog modelling voltage-controlled digital sound source: a complete voice Eurorack module in 6HP. It consists of 3 simultaneous independent oscillators, voltage-controlled AR/ASR transient generator, voltage-controlled pitch slew (glide) and voltage-controlled waveshaper with 5 different modes, but that's just the beginning. Its forte consists of selectable gate/trigger/constant envelope timing signals, rather unique 3-voice polyphonic mode, semitone-quantized mode, voltage-controlled waveform selection, on-the-fly selectable 10Vpp CV input range with offset (except for Pitch), a few experimental features, and then some.

Under the hood, it's a chiptune-inspired wavetable-gnawing sound cruncher with a mind of it's own, and oh boy it's dirty. It could be described as raw and untamed, but it would probably be an understatement.


  • V/Oct Pitch input with attenuator

  • 3 CV inputs with offset (Glide/Attack, Release, Shaper)

  • Trig/Gate input for envelope triggering/gating

  • Wave change trigger input

  • Single button with 3 different functions: waveform change with short press, shift function (alternate control parameter) with long press, enter setup mode on power-up.

  • 3 green illuminated indicators of selected waveform and their combinations, also providing information in setup mode

  • Single red illuminated indicator of incoming trigger or high/low gate signal

  • Simple and intuitive setup without menu diving (parameters are saved and recalled at start-up)

  • 3 different operation modes (A, B & C) selectable in setup:

A - Free range oscillator with Attack and Release envelope

B - Free range oscillator with Release envelope and Glide

C - Quantized oscillator with Release envelope and Glide

  • 3 different envelope activation modes (G, T & P) selectable in setup:

G - Gate mode, monophonic

T - Trigger mode, monophonic

P - Poly mode, 3-voice polyphonic

  • 5 different wave shaper modes selectable in setup and at runtime

  • 9 basic waveforms and 12 different combinations


  • VCDO sound source with thousands of possible waveform shapes

  • All inputs: 100k impedance, 512Hz DC rate

  • 32kHz refresh rate

  • 14-bit sound generation

  • 10-bit CV capture

  • V/oct input range: 0 to +5V (C1-C6 with octave shift control to cover the entire C0-C8 range)

  • CV input range: on-the-fly selectable 0 to 10V, -5 to +5V or any other 10Vpp range between -10 and +10V

  • Trig/Gate input range: 0 to +10V (0V closed, 3V+ open), protected

  • Output levels: -5V to +5V (10Vpp), envelope/shaper mode dependable

  • Professionally designed front panel with all linked functions clearly labeled in different colours

  • Comprehensive User guide covering all operation modes and extensive Build guide for DIYers

  • 42 mA +12V

  • 10 mA -12V

  • 0 mA 5V

  • 25 mm deep