This module has 4 channels of OR Combiner and 4 channels of A/B Switch.

The OR Combiner is conceived to select or sum trigger and/or gate signals, each channel has 2 inputs (A & B) and one output. A switch select which signal would be present at output, being the middle position of the switch the sum of both. It could be used with other type of signals but only the positive part of these would be present at the output stage (with a small lack of voltage because of the diodes and the pulldown resistor), so it could work with envelopes for example. With bipolar voltages the OR COMBINER channels will work as a Half-wave rectified output (the negative half of the signal is clipped to 0V) This can add many harmonics to audio signals.

The A/B Switch selects between A and B and the middle position of the switch is a "mute", works with any kind of signal (cv or audio) and is bidirectional, so it works in both directions. Can be used with 2 input signals and 1 output or 1 input signal and 2 outputs.

Easy build with 0805 smd passives (only a few)

  • This module does not draw any power.
  • The new version of this module has a reversible panel, so switches can be placed in the left or right side of the mode, check it here.